Ingebjørg Aarseth Braseth is our postproducer and the CEO of the company. Ingebjørg has experience as a project manager for Bergen International Film Festival and Vestnorsk Filmsenter. She is also on the Norwegian film Workers Association's local board in Bergen and has worked as a freelance film work for a variety of production companies.


Morten Øvreås is our editor, he has more than eight years of experience, and he has edited lots of documentaries, commercials, shorts and music videoes.

You can also rent one of our professional editing suite at USF, Verftet in Bergen.


Tormod Kyrre Hauge is our colorist. He has worked on a number of shorts, documentaries and commercials. Please contact for resumee and work samples.

We take care of online and delivery.

We provide DCPs and facilitate privat test screenings at Cinemateket, USF.